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Systems &
Integrated IT services that allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.
Systems and Software provide a wide range of information technology and related services to businesses regardless of size, offering solutions from procurement and support, through
software development and implementation, to fully managed system provision and web
interfaces. Our managed payroll, direct marketing, and business consultancy services
further enhance our ability to provide your business with the specialist resources it needs,
allowing you and your staff to concentrate on running the business.
Providing cost effective managed payroll facilities to companies of
all sizes, we pride ourselves on tailoring our BACS audited payroll service to meet the requirements of each and every customer. With a wide range of data acquisition and accounting routines, along
with an extremely flexible payroll system, we adapt quickly
and easily to any and all
demands your payroll imposes.
SAS provide fully managed implementations that enable companies to reap IT benefits
without the associated problems, cost, and staffing. Whether running on our own twinned
fail-safe Windows servers, a customer's own platform, or a dedicated platform specifically
for the purpose, utilising our managed services can provide significant reductions in capital and revenue costs linked to IT, freeing you from the continual burden of managing and supporting the infrastructure
and hardware.
From a simple user request for advice to a major hardware issue, we treat all support functions with the same degree of importance, working closely with the customer to rapidly analyse the impact of the situation and agree a resolution schedule.
Available on a 24/7 basis if required, we embrace problem ownership philosophies where we take ownership of each and every issue regardless of resolution
path. No more being passed
from pillar to post because
providers deny responsibility
or won't collaborate.
More than just another CRM package, SASCrm provides an integrated relationships environment for both internal and external customers. Designed to bind seamlessly with virtually any business system, the modular application is extremely flexible and intuitive giving rise to rapid implementation. With true client/server methodology and inbuilt remote connectivity, SASCrm is the ideal solution for both office-based and on-the-road users.
With many years experience
'at the coal face', SAS offer
cost-effective consultancy specifically targeted to improve your business processes.
Whether it be accelerating
order to despatch cycles, improving warehouse put-away and retrieval cycles, analysing production utilisation, or providing key financial statistics, we work
to agreed terms of reference and time scales to deliver effective solutions, presented at all levels from shop floor to board room.
Combining our own internet and email service expertise with specialists in each area of direct marketing we can integrate any direct marketing campaign. Utilising fax, email, SMS, mail, telesales and internet solutions, we aim to ensure you achieve
the best possible results from your marketing campaign.

Our applications packages are
deliberately designed to provide comprehensive and reliable systems to companies of all
sizes, their modular structure allowing each customer to tailor the implementation to fit their
specific circumstances. The modules span the full gamut of business activity and come complete with data export routines. Fully integrated with
our CRM applications and a host
of delivery mechanisms via fax, email or SMS, the applications
hold powerful web enablement processes to easily provide internet access to core data for customers and field personnel under password security or through remote access.

BrumAds is our web directory dedicated to the Birmingham
area and surrounding districts. Whether you're a business
seeking a local supplier, or a consumer looking for a service, you'll find all the answers on BrumAds. For advertisers we
offer excellent rates, particularly
if you opt to use our web design or direct marketing services.
Our web implementations range from sites for promotional content through to complex e-commerce sites. Harnessing the power and flexibility of the internet within business systems is an area of special expertise, enabling both staff and customers to access
in a secure environment any information you wish to make available, releasing resources within your own business.